Gold Cabinet (Class C)

The Gold Cabinet combines standard first aid materials with items designed to assist in stabilizing emergency injuries that occur 2 or more hours away from a medical facility. This specialized kit is suited for applications with typically 6 or more employees and at least 1 of those employees is certified in official first aid techniques. ISS takes the hassle out of making sure kits remain compliant and up-to-date with the latest materials required by federal and state authorities. Custom item stock is always an option.

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QTY Units Description
1 Each 3 shelf metal empty w/ pocket
1 Box 1" x3" adhesive strip (50/box)
1 Box Fingertip bandage (40/box)
1 Box Knuckle bandage (40/box)
1 Each Adhesive tape triple cut
1 Each Antiseptic spray pump (3oz.)
1 Each Eye wash 4oz. screw top
1 Each 8oz. neutralizer
1 Box Triangular bandage boxed
1 Box Compress bloodstopper red box
1 Each First aid emergency guide
1 Box Elastic strips (50/box)
1 Box Cold pack (large)
1 Box Max. str. non-asprin 2's (100/box)
1 Box Pain reliever 2's (100/box)
1 Box Antacid 2's (100/box)
1 Each Thera tears 4-pack foil pouch
1 Box Sterile pads 3x3 (10/box)
10 Each 3+1 ointment
2 Each Burn aid sachets 3.5g bulk
1 Box Non-adherent pads 2x3 (10/box)
1 Box Large patch (25/box)
1 Each Cold spray (4oz.)
4 Each Nitrile PF-L 3mil
1 Each Burn stop 4x4 in dressing
1 Box Eye dressing (4/box)
2 Each ABD pads 5x9
1 Each 3-4-5 shelf cabinet loose item
1 Each ANSI Class A cabinet kit label
1 Each Labor