Silver Cabinet (Class B)

The Silver Cabinet is suitable for heavy-duty first aid applications, such as construction job sites and heavy industry environments. This kit goes above and beyond our Bronze Cabinet and is stocked with items that can provide an extra level of protection and stabilization until first responders can assume control. ISS takes the hassle out of making sure kits remain compliant and up-to-date with the latest materials required by federal and state authorities. Custom item stock is always an option.

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QTY Units Description
1 Each 3 shelf metal empty w/ pocket
1 Box 1" x3" adhesive strip (50/box)
1 Box Fingertip bandage (40/box)
1 Box Knuckle bandage (40/box)
1 Each Adhesive tape triple cut
1 Each Antiseptic spray pump (3oz.)
1 Each Eye wash 4oz. screw top
1 Each 8oz. neutralizer
1 Box Triangular bandage boxed
1 Box Compress bloodstopper red box
1 Each First aid emergency guide
1 Box Elastic strips (50/box)
1 Box Cold pack (large)
1 Box Max. str. non-asprin 2's (100/box)
1 Box Pain reliever 2's (100/box)
1 Box Antacid 2's (100/box)
1 Each Thera tears 4-pack foil pouch
1 Box Sterile pads 3x3 (10/box)
10 Each 3+1 ointment
2 Each Burn aid sachets 3.5g bulk
1 Box Non-adherent pads 2x3 (10/box)
1 Box Large patch (25/box)
1 Each Cold spray (4oz.)
4 Each Nitrile PF-L 3mil
1 Each Burn stop 4x4 in dressing
1 Box Eye dressing (4/box)
2 Each ABD pads 5x9
1 Each 3-4-5 shelf cabinet loose item
1 Each ANSI Class A cabinet kit label
1 Each Labor